No monthly Fees with zero cost credit card processing.

No monthly Fees with zero cost credit card processing

Is it possible to process credit cards without fees? The answer is simple! Yes. is providing no monthly fees with zero-cost credit card processing.

No monthly Fees with zero cost credit card processing.

Using the proprietary technology, we will add a small service fee to each purchase. Regardless, the transaction price remains the same.

All your monthly transactions are paid by the fees for processing the cards. You will never be charged anything on your statement.

This is the only way to eliminate merchant service fees completely. You will pay less on your credit card fees when you use Shift. So make the most of this opportunity to take your small business to the next level.

Nowadays, Most business owners spend their gross income on payment processing. And the average estimate is about 3-5% which is spent on payment processing.

Zero cost credit card processing with no monthly fees for small businesses is real. Now with this option you can have all your earned money without any deduction or further charges. Because the money you earn keeps it, It’s yours.

With our zero-cost credit card processing.

There will be:

  • 100% free terminals.
  • No monthly fee deduction.
  • Unmatched service.
  • Terminal placement.

These are the main reasons that set us apart from other credit card processors. Our exceptional services will make you a lifelong customer and our exceptional customer services can not be beaten.

Whenever you want to process the transactions, you will never need to worry about the shop rates because of shift processing totally free processing solution.

Learn how to use the cheapest credit card processing for small businesses by joining thousands of business owners who discovered zero-cost credit card processing. Because things change always. The system can not survive without change. It doesn’t mean to change the whole but to step up and it means innovation. The old customs of society have changed just because of innovation. Paper money has been changed into plastic money but also even into crypto.

Do not waste your earned money on credit card transitions. has changed the custom of credit card processing and converted it into 100% zero-cost processing. The reliable way of zero-cost while processing your credit card is now real.

With zero-cost credit card processing, small businesses can run smoothly without the tension of processing charges on credit cards. Small business owners will no longer be forced to pay the perks of credit card payments.

Shift your perspective about credit card processing and change it with zero-cost processing. Because it doesn’t have to be the same way always.

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