How can you avoid Credit Card Processing Fees with Fee Payment?

Accept Credit Card Payment Without Machine

Almost every business these days uses a machine to accept credit or debit card payments, and we all know this. Almost no one wants to pay for big things with cash.

How to accept credit card payments over the phone with free payment processing

When businesses accept cash, they have to deal with a lot of logistical and security problems. There are also businesses like mobile hairdressers, plumbers, and electricians that don’t make sense for credit card machines because they don’t have a lot of space, therefore, accepting credit card payments without a machine is a must-have.

For all of these businesses, there must be a way to get money without having a credit card machine, right? You can accept credit and debit cards from your customers both online and in person. There are many ways to do this. Here are some great options for you to accept credit card payments without a machine. Keep reading to learn more about each and figure out which is best for your business.


If you use PayPal, you don’t have to use paper-based payment methods like checks or bills when you send and get money. PayPal is a quick and easy way to pay for goods and services. If you have a debit or credit card, you can use it to connect to the account.

As long as the account is linked to a payment method (like a credit card or bank account), users can use it to buy things. The app or website can be used to make payments online if you show that you are who you say you are and show that you have money.


No Fee Processing is a platform that integrates with the majority of terminals and allows for unlimited processing. One of the key features is that there are no interchange costs, no hidden fees, and no strings attached. If you qualify for fraud protection, you can get your money the next day or the same day.

One of the services provided by No Fee Processing is mobile payment processing. It is one of the best choices available. No Fee Processing is a high-quality service because it is secure, adaptable, flexible, and available 24/7.


You can use Beepaid mobile payment processing to pay for things while you’re out and about. Using a secure connection, your customers can pay you right away through their computer or smartphone screen. The person you want to pay will get a text or email from you with a link to a secure payment page.


Skrill is a mobile payment processing system that works all over the world. You can buy and send money to almost any country with it. You can send money digitally with Skrill, which is a service that makes it easy, fast, and cheap to do. They have more protections in place now, which is better. There are a lot of transactions that use electronic money, both in person and through specific networks.


Stripe is a software and financial services company based in the United States. This company offers payment processing and application frameworks for e-commerce and other online businesses. A stripe is a good option for businesses because it has no setup fees, recurring payments, or hidden costs.


GoCardless is an electronic payment system that you can use to accept payments for your business automatically through your FreeAgent profile. GoCardless is a web-based payment system that accepts both debit and credit cards. It can also be used to pay recurring bills like client bills, software rentals, or holiday installments.


You get a complete electronic portal and business payment solution in one place when you use SecurePay. This safe payment platform is designed for companies that sell products online, but it can also be used by other companies that sell products online. It also offers one-of-a-kind services for hotels and tourism businesses. It allows businesses to accept electronic payments, view detailed reports, and receive free support from the platform.

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