How to accept credit card payments over the phone with free payment processing

Phone Credit Card Processing Solution – Is it Suitable For You?

The trend of payments is changing throughout the world. The method of payment is shifting from a cash to a cashless trend. So, How can it be made possible not to lose customers due to outdated payment methods? Today, the growth of the business is directly related to the mode of payments systems. One of the most suitable systems is ’mobile payment processing”.

 Credit card payments can be looked at as an alternative to cash transactions which have become the order of the day for the business. Here the question arises how it should be started? The best answer is that it should be started from the most familiar device. Yes, it is the mobile phone in your hand. Now the next thing is “how to accept credit card payments over the phone?”

 Mobile phone credit card processing

Phone Credit Card Processing Solution - Is it Suitable For You?

 Yes! Businesses can take the customer’s credit card payments through mobile phone from any site where their connection of mobile phone is available. The use of mobile phones in credit card payments is one of the innovations of the modern day. The brisk and confidential way is now known as “mobile payment processing”.

 How does it work?

 It is as simple as one can think. First, you should connect to your chosen system and enter the particulars of the credit card of your customer using the keypad of the phone. The information will be at once sent to the system and it will process whether to accept the transaction or to decline. In case of acceptance, a code having numbers will be sent by the system which you will write on the receipt and take the signature of the customer as verification. It is the simplest answer to “how to accept credit card payments on the phone”. It is the complete procedure of “how to accept credit card payments over the phone?”


 What’s good about it? Cost-effective? Yes! It is. It saves the amount of nearly $1000 the expenses of POS software and hardware. Here there is no additional cost. Only a phone is required. Here it can be concluded that “mobile payment processing” saves money.

 This system of “mobile payment processing” is especially beneficial for the business which is just switching to the credit cards used as an alternative to cash. Such type of business can arrive at what is its sales volume through credit card acceptance?

 The business manager can compare the revenue increased with the costs he may incur for credit card processing. Most of the businesses do not compare these credit card processing costs to the revenue generated through this source, as a result, suffer significant losses due to unawareness.

 In addition to zero setup costs, “mobile payment processing” does not result in service termination fees. The change from this to any other phone processor is easy and free. The monthly minimum charges are not applicable so you are not bound to provide a specific sales amount through credit cards.

Mobile payment processing has the additional benefit of securing records for each conducted transaction.


 The transaction fee is relatively elevated as compared to other sources. The basic reason is that the service provider hires an external company for the conduction of business transactions. The cost for the external company is charged to the businessman.

The transactions of credit cards are at some risk of fraud, therefore the discount rate is higher.

 Should it be used?

 Keeping in view the above advantages it will be suitable for the new business to settle and make revenue with the lower costs which will help business to grow.

 It is convenient for small-scale service providers such as a lawyer as lawyers do not have a bunch of cases and transactions to be made. So just for keeping the edge over the competitor’s payment through a credit card should be made available at lower costs.

 If you are a sole proprietor, professional and looking for “how to accept credit card payments over the phone” then you should consider it seriously.

 From another point of view, a business doesn’t need to install equipment at one place and sit there to manage credit card payments. Any pizza delivery person, a driver, or any other professional who is on the move all time, can manage “Mobile payment processing” effectively.

 Lastly, if a business just like cellular connection retailer launches outlets at different places, he is surely able to manage payments through credit cards effectively if he knows” how to accept credit card payments over the phone”

So, to conclude from here is first to assess your business needs, find a cost-effective solution and use credit card transactions for being competitive. Good luck!  

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