7 Tricks to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

7 Tricks to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

After covid-19, the world has changed. Covid-19 has changed our Economy,  Businesses, and also the behavior of the consumers. With the start of the New Year, this is the time to revamp your business and lower the cost for your business. The first and foremost thing to lower the cost is to go through your credit card processing fees. Processing fees of Debit cards include Interchange Fees, Assessment Fees, Address Verification Fees (AVS), Batch fees, etc.

One of the renowned companies giving Free payment processing is ‘’No Fee Processing”. ‘’No Fee Processing” is a great option to go for as it gives Zero Cast Credit Card Processing and Slice Credit Card Processing. If you pay upfront, you get Zero Fee Credit Card Processing. You pay none, zero, and nada for processing fees. No matter how much you process, your monthly subscription fee remains FREE. The response is the same whether you have one store or ten. It’s as simple as that. Your application will be endorsed within 24 hours. This option gives Free Payment Processing for Nonprofits. The system operates just like a conventional payment system except without fuss. It is top Security and safety provider, flexible, 24/7 customer service, has Mobile payment Processing, integrates with other platforms.

 Some actions to get Zero Fee Credit Card Processing are listed below.

Proper Account Setup

A minor mistake sometimes leads to high Debit Card Processing Fees. We can avoid this by setting up the account properly, said the CEO of Reliance Start Payment Services. Setting up your account improperly can give you high processing fees.

Reduce the risk of credit card Fraud

If there is a high chance of fraud, you will be charged with high Credit Card Processing Fees. If you demonstrate that your business is less prone to fraudulent activity and credit risk, you can get Free Payment Processing for Small businesses.

Use an Address Verification Service

To reduce the Credit Card Processing Fees, you should use the process to verify whether the cardholder billing address is right or wrong known as the address verification service.

Avoid cancellation fees

Fees for Contract cancellation or early termination can be costly, especially for business owners. When you are on a long contract and want to switch, you could face very high fees. Also, hidden costs and extra fees can ruin it more, but we can lower this by Stax. Stax’s innovative subscription pricing grants you access to the direct cost of interchange. There are no extra fees, and it saves you to pay additional fees and headaches to sign a contract.

Settle transaction quickly

For us, a clearing call must happen within 1 day after authentication to get the lowest interchange rates, except for businesses related to entertainment which can be captured in 8 days.

Send customers service information for a transaction.

Merchants should send information to identify the transactions like the Company’s web address or Email address. The transaction will be downgraded if this information is missing.

Get Bigger

It’s a common practice that larger Businesses receive more suitable credit card processing rates than smaller ones. So, you have to make your Businesses bigger. If you have got huge sales volume, then you can get better rates, i.e., almost Zero Cost Credit Card Processing.

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