Best Flat-rate Credit Card Processing Gateways in the USA

5 Best Flat-rate Credit Card Processing Gateways in the USA

A credit card processing company is required for most businesses to accept payments from Credit Cards. The role of a credit card processor is to act as a go-between for your company and

the credit card companies of your clients. If you want to take credit card payments for your business in the USA, you’ll need a payment processor, regardless of whether or not you own a physical storefront or not. There are various costs, regulations, and options to consider when selecting a payment processor for your business.

Help is at hand. We’ve examined transaction costs, pricing methods, customer care, third-party integrations, hardware choices, and security features. To help you choose almost Zero Cost Credit Card Processing and Free Payment Processing for Nonprofits, we analyzed 23 of the finest payment processing businesses to find out which ones had the lowest prices, maximum features, the most privacy, and the top-notch customer care. We poured ourselves into this project for several months for the best credit card processors, narrowing our list down to just five. Here are the best and almost Free five credit card processing firms in the USA for 2022 if you’re looking to cut your processing costs and give your consumers more payment options.


For the finest credit card processing firm in the USA in 2022, CardConnect is our top pick. CardConnect provides businesses of all kinds with the willingness to handle online payments, in-person, or even over the phone securely and reliably. Especially, it is the best Free Payment Processing for Nonprofits. For credit card processing, CardConnect is unrivaled in terms of ease of integration, security, and customer service.

When it comes to credit card processing, other companies can’t match CardConnect’s exclusive interchange optimization method. CardConnect can guarantee that you offer the least possible interchange price for every transaction.

CardConnect’sCardPointe platform has all you need to receive payments safely and affordably.


The finest and almost Zero Fee Credit Card Processing company for high-risk enterprises is “No Fee For You.” Owners of small businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their exposure to risk. “No Fee For You” is a Slice Credit Card Processing company. If a company’s brand and bottom line are damaged by fraud and data leaks, they are legitimate dangers. Using NoFeeforYOu’s payment processing services reduces the risk of payment at every step.

There are often too many payments for low-risk businesses like home goods stores, car shops, and parking garages to manage. They can receive cash quicker and more effectively because of the NoFeeforYou’s POS systems.

Another important feature of this company is that it is the best Mobile Payment Processing.


Get what you need and nothing more, and pay just for what you do. Fattmerchant, one of the few payment card companies with flat price schemes, operates under this core philosophy. Businesses with small transactions will appreciate the fact that the company does not charge a surcharge on exchange charges. It is known as a Slice Credit Card Processing Company.

In total, Fattmerchant provides 3 software solutions and a merchant services plan.

For $99 a month, users are charged eight cents for every transaction for the interchange-plus rate. In addition to the direct fee, it costs 15 cents for keyed payments.

Payment Depot

Regardless of the size of your organization, Payment Depot is considered to be Zero Cast Credit Card Processing. It provides a broad array of options, making it simple for businesses to collect credit card transactions both in person and on the go. These include Magento, Shopify, and Intuit QuickBooks, among others.

National Processing

One of the top and almost Free  Payment Processing for Small businesses are National Processing. The price-conscious company owner can benefit from national operations. With no minimum monthly size and fair price schemes, it provides credit card processing without any extras. Customers and critics alike have fallen in love with its simple offerings. Best Free Payment Processing for Nonprofits is known to be National Processing.

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