Top International Credit Card Processing Companies

Top International Credit Card Processing Companies

Most companies must use a third-party credit card processing provider to accept payments via credit and debit cards while considering mobile payment processing. A mediator between your business and your client’s credit card providers is provided by a credit card processor. Every business wants zero-cost credit card processing but to take credit card payments, your business must have a payment processor, regardless of whether it has a physical location or is exclusively online. There is a slew of various costs, regulations, and options to consider when selecting a payment processor for your business for free payment processing for small businesses.

Best Credit Card Processing Companies:

Stax by Fattmerchant:

Best For:

  • Not free payment processing but low transaction costs will attract companies ready to pay a monthly charge.
  • Customers who are looking for an all-encompassing e-commerce solution
  • Integration with several point-of-sale systems is required by organizations.

FattmerchantStax by Fattmerchant is the best credit card processing company for small businesses in our 2022 rankings of the best credit card processing companies where you can’t think about free payment processing for small businesses. Fattmerchant is the most expensive base monthly price of all the companies we’ve evaluated, starting at $99 and growing based on sales volume.

Stax’s monthly cost, on the other hand, is offset by low transaction fees. Businesses pay the interchange rate from credit card providers plus 8 cents for swipe transactions and 15 cents for keyed-in and online sales under the “interchange-plus-fee” scheme.

Because you save money on each transaction when you adopt zero-fee credit card processing, it’s great for companies with significant monthly transaction volumes (in comparison to payment processors that offer higher processing fees without monthly fees). Businesses with annual sales of at least $1 million can take advantage of special prices reserved for high-volume customers which are not suitable for free payment processing for nonprofits.


Best For:

  • Companies with the ability to take advantage of volume discounts
  • No monthly fee processors are in high demand among businesses.
  • Customers who wish to make use of additional facilities, such as those offered by free online businesses.

We ranked Helcim and Dharma Merchant Services as the second-best credit card processing companies and the second-best credit card processing companies for small businesses in 2022, respectively while considering mobile payment processing.

Helcim doesn’t charge a monthly fee for credit card processing, in contrast to Dharma. Businesses are charged 0.3 percent plus 8 cents for in-person payments, and 0.5 percent + 25 cents for online and keyed-in payments, on top of the interchange fees, for using this service.

Payment Depot:

Best For:

  • Companies who are willing to trade monthly fees for lower processing expenses.
  • Businesses in want of round-the-clock assistance
  • Businesses seeking chargeback fees that are as low as possible.

No. 4 on our list of 2022’s most promising credit card processors is Payment Depot. Beginning with the Starter Membership, Payment Depot charges $79 a month in fees. Both the Most Popular and Enterprise memberships are available to company owners at $99 per month. Low cost as well as, zero cost credit card processing are available on the upper levels due to interchange-plus pricing.

To avoid paying interchange rates + 15 cents per transaction, business owners opting for the Starter Membership can save 7 cents per transaction. For starters, you can only process $50,000 per month and will need to upgrade to a more expensive plan if your sales volume goes over the limit of the plan you’ve chosen. Payment Card Industry (PCI) security certification is included in all-tier rates.

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