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How do I perform an offline transaction with a credit card machine?

Even if there is no Wi-Fi, you can accept card payments with offline free payment processing. You may take secure, offline credit card transactions with Offline Mode, and they’ll be processed instantly whenever you reconnect to the internet. It’s simple to set up offline zero cost credit card processing and once it’s enabled, you’ll be able to take payments offline automatically whenever your signal goes down. There’s no extra price for using the feature, and any credit card transactions made offline are charged at our usual rate.

When do you need a credit card processing system that doesn’t use the Internet?

When the Internet is down, you’ll be glad you have offline mobile payment processing on hand. Of course, many companies accept payments even if there is no internet connection. If you’re thinking of settings without access to the Internet, consider outdoor events like music festivals and farmers’ markets, as well as mobile salespeople like tow trucks and locksmiths.

How to accept offline credit card transactions:

  • Install Point of Sale, or any other point-of-sale application, and configure your account. Point of Sale’s POS software is available for free and is compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices.
  • When you are logged into your account on the Point of Sale app, select the menu option.
  • Offline Mode can be found under Settings > Offline Mode.
  • Toggle the Allow Offline Mode switch to the on position.
  • Examine the information, and then select Allow Offline Mode.
  • The Per Transaction Limit field should be filled in with the amount you want to restrict offline zero fee credit card processing to. The default amount and the maximum amount per offline credit card transaction.
  • In the event that you lose connectivity after using Offline Mode, you’ll notice a red banner in your Point of Sale app, indicating that the software has automatically switched to Offline Mode.
  • When you’re ready to process an offline slice credit card processing transaction, simply swipe the card through Stand or the magstripe reader to complete the transaction. (Credit cards must be swiped rather than dipped in order to be processed for offline payments.

Offline payment processing is advantageous to whom?

Offline credit card free payment processing is perfect for festivals, open-air fundraisers, onsite ticket sales, and other situations where you’re in a remote area without connectivity, or when the network is overloaded due to high demand for services. It’s also a lifesaver if the Wi-Fi in your brick-and-mortar store goes down for any reason. With Offline Mode, you can continue to operate your business while being disconnected from the internet.

Things to keep in mind while using an offline credit card processor

Offline credit card transactions may expire, be denied, or be disputed. If any cards are declined, you are accountable because Point of Sale can’t speak with banks. While offline free processing payments for non-profit are completed as soon as your device regains connectivity, they expire after 72 hours. Do not charge a fee if no payment is made, but you will be out of cash. If an offline credit card transaction is declined, unable to contact your customers.

As a result, we advise you to:

  • Validate cards by checking the name and expiration date.
  • Set a per-transaction limit.

Offline Mode is only available for transactions using magnetic stripe cards. Manual payments, chip cards, and contactless free processing payments for small businesses are not supported yet. Finally, keep in mind that pending offline credit card transactions cannot be canceled. Instead, connect to the internet, complete the pending payment, and then refund.

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