Free POS Software with No Monthly Fees

Free POS Software with No Monthly Fees

POS software is the technology used in conjunction with point-of-sale hardware, such as a card reader affixed to a mobile payment processing, to process and monitor purchases, maintain inventory, save customer data, interact with systems and databases, and a number of other purposes. The most common format is a smartphone or web app. While these products are free payment processing, they do come with a number of restrictions. In the “freemium” approach, you can utilize the free version of the POS software and then upgrade to a paying plan.

How to Get a Free Point of Sale System?

With free POS software, you won’t receive all the bells and whistles. You should instead purchase a functional, user-friendly solution that allows you to accomplish simple things like zero-cost credit card processing. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the best free point of sale systems.

  • Square
  • Imonggo
  • Loyverse

Square: Overall the best free POS system


  • The entire POS system is completely free.
  • Plug-in card reader for free.
  • Online store that you can use for nothing.
  • Flat-rate processing that is clear and transparent.


  • Use square payments must

Features of the Free Square POS System

It’s no surprise that Square is the dominant player in the point-of-sale market. This free POS program offers a slew of useful functions, such as:

  • Inventory control and management.
  • Management of a group.
  • Gift cards delivered electronically.
  • Weebly hosts this simple web store.
  • Ordering through the internet.
  • Order manager for orders to be picked up by a third party.
  • Square Appointments is an optional add-on (free for one user).
  • Sales analytics and reporting are essential.

The cost of the hardware

Square will provide you with a zero fee credit card processing, So you can upgrade to a contactless reader, terminal, or registration for $49-$799, depending on your needs. In addition, hardware bundles are available for purchase.

Imonggo: The best free payment processing for small businesses


  • System of free retail POS
  • Inventory management is available for free
  • Customer service is always provided at no cost to you
  • Free payment processing for non-profit


  • Limit of 100 items
  • A monthly volume of 100 transactions

Features of Imonggo POS Software that Are Free

Imonggo is a free web-based retail POS system for smaller retailers. Among the software’s highlights are:

  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Employee supervision
  • Purchasing and sourcing
  • Setting up a multitender
  • Reports on sales and inventory

The cost of the hardware

Imonggo is a web-based app that works on any device with internet access. Apps for Android and iPad are also available. However, Imonggo is compatible with a wide range of credit card readers, slice credit card processing, receipt printers, barcode scanners, etc.

Loyverse: For multi-location businesses


  • Same as free payment processing
  • Options for free kitchen and customer showcase
  • Free multi-site management
  • Live customer chat


  • Employee management isn’t free
  • Extra for advanced inventory management

Features of Loyverse Software

Loyverse is a free app that turns your phone or tablet into a POS system. Loyverse has many unique features not found in other free POS software. Notable features:

  • the management of multiple stores
  • Keeping track of stock
  • controlling the flow of products through the company
  • Program to reward customers for staying loyal to a brand

Loyverse Hardware Cost

Loyverse works with a variety of devices, including printers, barcode scanners, and terminals. The Loyverse website sells compatible devices ranging from $19.99 and a tablet holder to $439 for a printer and cash drawer set.

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